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Gentle giants on their way to the Agriculture Precinct!

Think Clydesdales and immediately flashes images of these huge horses pulling ploughs, hauling loads, and delivering milk and beer.

Originally farm horses in Scotland, they became famous for hauling, and are still used for draught purposes. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, thousands of Clydesdales were sent throughout the world and some landed in our nation and became known as “the breed that built Australia”. However, during WWI their decline started due to mechanisation and continued until the 1970s when they were listed on the Rare Breeds Survival Trust as vulnerable to extinction.

One couple that is helping these gentle giants survive locally is Shaun and Yvette Moloney of Port Stephens, with a mutual love for Clydesdales, they established Samarah Park in 2007.

Under the expert guidance of legendary Irish breeder Maurice Irvine, they bought a yearling colt Tullymore William. He has proven himself as an excellent example of his breed in show rings including the prestigious Sydney Royal Easter Show and Brisbane’s EKKA.

As a stud horse, he has also been a winner producing good offspring such as Samarah Park Sovereign, which is following his sire’s footsteps, winning titles at Sydney Royal and the EKKA.

This three-year-old colt and his brother Samarah Park Ambassador will be part of this year’s Newcastle Show.

Come to the Agriculture Precinct and visit these two beautiful Clydesdales that will bring back memories from the past for some and ignite a sense of curiosity for others.