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Virtual Reality

Escape reality . . . virtually

Ever wondered what it’s like to jump in the ocean deep or zoom through the skies so blue? What about seeing the Pyramids in Egypt or the Eiffel Tower, all without a passport? Technology is helping us with making our wildest dreams come true, with the help of Virtual Reality headsets and special apps that we can get on our mobile phone.

Virtual Reality is a relatively new concept but at this year’s Newcastle Regional Show, we can get a taste of this latest technology craze. How awesome is that?

Fun Filled Attractions brings the world of Virtual Reality to the Newcastle Regional Show with lots of experiences and games to play.

Soar through the sky on Pegasus, save the world with Spider-Man, play in the snow and ski down mountains. If you love to be active, you may want to pedal your way through an adventure on the virtual reality bike.

Lots of fun and awesome experiences are waiting just for you, so go on a virtual adventure in the Exhibition Centre.