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Horse Competitions

Horse Events

Pre-entry closes on Friday 16 February – entries are also taken on Show Day

The ASC has introduced new procedures for recording of Horse Results which all societies need to follow.  The procedures have been put in place for all Newcastle Regional Show Horse Competitions.

Pre-entry fee (by 5 pm, Friday 16th February 2018):  $3 per entry

Entries on the day will incur an additional $3 fee: = $6 per entry

Gate entry fee:  For 2018 Show, vehicles entering the Showground must pay a gate entry charge of $10 per car. Parking space for Horse Floats will be provided to the driver of the vehicle at no additional charge on payment of gate entry. Please note: Entry benefits are available to Members of the Association. The $10 entry is valid for competitors and two (2) other family members.  Additional passengers must pay the standard entry charge of $15 Adult, $12 Concession and $10 Child.

SHOW JUMPING:  Entries via Global On-Line.  No entries will be accepted on the day of competition.

All entries must hand in an Animal Handling Risk Acknowledgement Waiver before competing.  PIC Numbers must also be registered with the Horse Office before competing under recommendations by the ASC and State regulatory bodies.


The Centre Ring photographer is Mel Young Photography.  Mel’s photos are $5 each and will be emailed to you.  Message Mel with your details and for any enquiries: