Fancy pigeons are domesticated  varieties of the rock pigeon. They are bred by pigeon fanciers for various traits relating to size, shape, colour, and behaviour.

There are about 800 pigeon breeds; considering all regional varieties all over the world there may be 1100 breeds. The European list of fancy pigeons alone names about 500 breeds. No other domestic animal has branched out into such a variety of forms and colours.

A number of Pigeon breeds are shown at the Newcastle Regional Show including Homers and Fancy varieties, with over 100 birds exhibited every year.  This year the Pigeon Competition will be on display on Friday March 3 in the Pavilion next to the Model Trains and across from the wood turners.

Entries for our 2017 Pigeon competition close February 22. For daily schedules see link below.

2017 Pigeon Schedule:  2017 Pigeon Schedule