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Entries are now closed for 2019.

Perfect for aspiring or experienced photographers looking to further their career

Best photo for each category is awarded the prestigious APS Gold Medallion

Monochrome Print | Colour Print | Natural Print | Creative Print

2018 Competition Results

  • Monochrome Print Award: “Threatening Stare” by Lindy Taylor
  • Colour Print Award:  “Reflection” by Susan MacNeill
  • Natural Print Award: “Lava Spill” by Jennifer Carrigan
  • Creative Print Award:  “Zombie Attack” by Sue Joy

To see the full results of the 2018 Competition, please click here.


2017 Competition Results

  • Monochrome Print Award: “Portrait of a Stranger” by Alex Hunter
  • Colour Print Award:  “Cattle Dogs” by Arthur Roy
  • Natural Print Award: “Seagull Meal” by Roy Killen
  • Creative Print Award:  “Autumn in April” by Sonia Conn

To see the full results of the 2017 Competition, please click here.


2018 – BEST MONO PRINT OF SHOW – Threatening Stare – Lindy Taylor


2018 – BEST COLOUR PRINT OF SHOW – Reflection – Susan MacNeill


2018 – BEST NATURE PRINT OF SHOW – Lava Spill – Jennifer Carrigan


2018 – BEST CREATIVE PRINT OF SHOW – Zombie Attack – Sue Joy


2017 – 1st Nature APS Gold Plaque – Roy Killen – “Seagull Meal”

2017 – Best Colour (Depicting People/Person) – Fiona Lambell – “Finger Lickin Good”

2017 – 1st Colour APS Gold Plaque – Arthur Roy – “Cattle Dogs”